The Church of Woke

“Our Mother, who art in Portland, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on everyone else as it is on the Left Coast. Give us this day our daily Trump tweet, and forgive us our air conditioning, as we forgive our parents for being white. For Thine is the vegetarian, feminist, woke kingdom forever. Amen.”

Let This Be Your Thank You: A Review of "The New Right"

When I got wind that my not-husband Michael Malice was writing a new book, and specifically that the book would be about “the new right,” I immediately began salivating. I am perfectly fine with the fact that I have, as I have often put it, embarrassing lady-wood for MM. I adore him. He can basically do no wrong in my eyes. The fact that he was writing a book about the happenings on the right made the proposition doubly exciting for me, as I have struggled to get my head around it for quite some time.

The War for Free Speech

A few months ago, the tech giants came for Alex Jones. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube simultaneously decided that he was peddling hate speech and that it was time for him to go. Twitter sort of danced a bit. First he was gone and then he was back, but in the end, Jones’s account had to die. He was the first casualty in what seems to have morphed into a mass banning effort that has started further to the outskirts of the right and is creeping ever more steadily towards the center.

The 25 Books I Want My Children to Read

The 25 Books I Want My Children to Read

Well, I don’t know about you all, but I’m full of pie. And just food. Do you know what’s better than turkey and mashed potatoes topped with my own cranberry chutney and mopped up with my pumpkin challah bread? Fucking nothing except the very same thing topped with Debbie G’s Oreo pudding fluff crack and banana cream pie. That’s the state of my stomach tonight, kids. I’m full.

The Crying Nazi Strikes Back

So there I was, perusing through my Facebook feed like the good little Xennial narcissist that I am, and I came upon a post that I wasn’t expecting. It was from a voluntaryist group that I belong to but almost never visit, partly because the dialogue was never supremely interesting in that one, but also because I have largely given up on libertarian FB groups. This post, however, was a zinger.