Let This Be Your Thank You: A Review of "The New Right"

When I got wind that my not-husband Michael Malice was writing a new book, and specifically that the book would be about “the new right,” I immediately began salivating. I am perfectly fine with the fact that I have, as I have often put it, embarrassing lady-wood for MM. I adore him. He can basically do no wrong in my eyes. The fact that he was writing a book about the happenings on the right made the proposition doubly exciting for me, as I have struggled to get my head around it for quite some time.

The Crying Nazi Strikes Back

So there I was, perusing through my Facebook feed like the good little Xennial narcissist that I am, and I came upon a post that I wasn’t expecting. It was from a voluntaryist group that I belong to but almost never visit, partly because the dialogue was never supremely interesting in that one, but also because I have largely given up on libertarian FB groups. This post, however, was a zinger.