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My First Official 5K

Everyone has had the experience of waking up on a particular morning with a realization and a groan that something is happening on that day, something that they don’t want to do. I definitely woke up in such a manner this morning, and it was because today was 5k day. I signed up for a 5k over in Springfield way back in like, May or June, and today was event day. I wasn’t exactly spooked, but I was far from pumped.

Running This Shit: BADWATER

When I was in high school, I was fat. In fact, I topped out at the same weight I am today, minus about five pounds or so. I got sick of it, and I did the HMR program. I lost about 130 pounds, started running every day, lifting weights two to four days a week, and I went from a size 24 (in 2000 sizing) to a size 10/12. I looked awesome, and I was pretty fit.